Land & Engineering Surveyors


Our services


Riviere and Associates uses the latest state of the art surveying technology both on site and in the office. We have extensive experience in The Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominica, England and The British Virgin Islands, working on various size projects.

Boundary Surveys

We perform boundary surveys of many varying sizes, from residential lots to large commercial sites and 1,000-acre farms. If needed, we can take the process from initial survey through the platting process to provide our clients a full lineup of services.

As-Built Surveys

Our as-built experience includes a multitude of sanitary and storm sewers, pilings, cable routes, towers, and bridges, too.

Topographic Surveys

Our topographic survey experience also runs the gamut from small properties to 1,000-acre tracts. We provide detailed terrain models with pinpoint accuracy for contour intervals from hundredths of a foot up to two feet. Further, our in-house quality control procedures assure that our end product strictly adheres to The Bahamas Land Surveyor regulation for all contour intervals.

Engineering Surveys

Let us handle all aspects of your construction survey needs. We are quick, efficient and responsive to short-fuse project timelines. Our robotic Total Stations and GPS capabilities are used to digitally lay out paving, sewers, buildings and other infrastructure.